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About Our Ratings System

22 May 2006 has designed and implemented a simple and effective ratings system whereby cigars receive anywhere from one to five stogies. Each review explains, in easy to understand terms, why we chose that particular rating for a given cigar. Our ratings system is described as follows:

One out of five stogies. These are cigars you would smoke if you had absolutely no choice. Say, if someone put a gun to your head.

Two out of five stogies. Decent at best, these cigars make tolerable companions while you mow the lawn. They’re not going to be terribly good, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t pay attention to them.

Three out of five stogies. These cigars leave something to be desired but are pretty respectable. We recommend taking them on the golf course.

Four out of five stogies. Now we’re getting somewhere. Enjoy these fine cigars after a delicious meal or with your favorite cocktail.

Five out of five stogies. These tasty, complex cigars are truly an occasion. We recommend you give these babies your full and undivided attention.

One final note: In our ongoing effort to make an open forum for all cigar enthusiasts, we welcome comments on our ratings from all readers. Submitted comments, however vulgar and inappropriate, are directly published without censorship.

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