Stogie Guys Cigar University

Cigar University is a collection of articles handpicked for cigar smokers who want to expand their cigar knowledge.

100 Level

Buying and selecting cigars

The proper way to light a cigar

Cut your cigar the right way

Five basics for introducing someone to cigars

When to ash your cigar

Buying cigar samplers

200 Level

Different types of handmade cigars

Perform the salt calibration test

Keep your cool

Take time to smoke

Smoke through your nose

Select your cigar shop

Use wooden matches

Give the gift of cigars

300 Level

How to deal with tobacco beetles

Win the war on mold

Effectively lobby for cigar rights

Build a temperature-controlled humidor

Teach others about cigar basics

Pairing cigars and beverages

Cigar auctions

400 Level

Reconnect with old favorites

Dating cigars for aging

When to smoke that special cigar

Do cigars always get better with age?

Smoke two cigars at once to develop your palate

What is cigar texture?