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Cigar Review: La Aroma de Cuba Edición Especial No. 3

14 Feb 2012

I remember reading about the Edición Especial from La Aroma de Cuba shortly before it was released in the summer of 2008. Somehow, three and a half years later, I’m just getting around to trying it for the first time.

The seven-size line is part of the Ashton portfolio and one of three La Aroma de Cuba blends mentioned on the Ashton website (the other two being Mi Amor and the original line). It is produced in Nicaragua by the Garcias with an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper surrounding Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos.

I finally decided to try this cigar when the toro-sized No. 3 (6 x 50) caught my eye in my tobacconist’s humidor. This is a handsome smoke. The wrapper is smooth with minimal veins, the cap is a work of art, and the seams are virtually invisible. With a firm feel from head to foot, the Edición Especial No. 3 makes a great first impression.

Fortunately, that impression is followed by a very nice introductory taste. A core of warm tobacco is complemented by dry wood, coffee, and some sweetness on the finish. Each puff yields tufts of cool smoke.

Towards the midway point, the taste grows on you until it becomes difficult to pick out individual flavors. Instead of being a contemplative cigar that rewards close attention, I find that the balanced and intermingling flavors lend themselves to conversation or reading. No, this isn’t one of those smokes that will inspire you to study a flavor wheel. But it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a medium-bodied, well-rounded profile to complement another activity.

As the Edición Especial No. 3 grows creamier in the final third, I take note of the physical properties. The burn requires a few touch-ups to stay even but is otherwise well-behaved. The draw is smooth and the ash holds very firm off the foot.

I understand you can find this cigar for about $6 when you buy it by the cedar chest of 25 online. In my case, I paid $8.50 at my local shop for each of the samples I examined for this review. The Edición Especial No. 3 is a solid value at $6 and a reach at $8 or more. Either way, it’s a solid smoke with a nicely balanced profile that’s worthy of three and a half stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Old Virginia Tobacco

5 Responses to “Cigar Review: La Aroma de Cuba Edición Especial No. 3”

  1. Rogers71 Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    I never got around to trying this stick, for whatever reason. Sounds pretty good to me since I typically like traditional-tasting smokes with warm tobacco flavors and a little bit of sweetness. I'll have to seek this out. Thanks.

  2. Peter Glad Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    For the price sounds like an excellent smoke, the final third especially enjoyable. Great review.

    Peter G

  3. Bill Hunnell Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    This is definitely one of my favorites.

    Bill H

  4. Swede214 Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    Would you believe that I have smoked this cigar and found that it was a very enjoyable experience. Thanks for the review.

  5. Tore Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 9:39 am #

    The #5 is the best size of this line i have found. I have smoked the #3, the lancero (that isnt listed on their website, but is sold at the Holts Cigars retail stores), and the #5. Every no.5 that i have smoked has been flavorful and consistent, a very unique cigar for sure.