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Cigar Tip: Starting Right

12 Sep 2012

One of the good things about cigars is that there are always new smokers joining the party. And while there is a monumental amount of information out there, sometimes it helps to reiterate a few principles to help novices along the way.

I’m probably repeating myself—let’s face it, my memory’s pretty well shot at this point—but I’m sure there are new readers who have neither the time nor the inclination to scour the significant archives of, or who are looking for occasional tips beyond what can be easily found in our Cigar University.

So, as part of our periodic efforts, here are three easy tips I think are key to cigar enjoyment when you’re starting out with cigars:

1. Light right. Whether you use a $1,000 limited edition Dupont lighter or a free pack of matches from the 7-Eleven, take your time. Try to keep the flame from direct contact as you toast the foot. Pay particular attention to the edges. A good, even light is key to a good, even burn and a satisfying smoke. And be sure to use wooden matches instead of those made of paper.

2. Purchase in haste, repent at leisure. A new smoker’s tastes almost always change often and rapidly. Resist the urge to stock up on a stick you like. They’ll almost certainly be there later if you’re sure it’s one you want more of. And don’t get caught up in bargains. Saving money applies only when you like the cigars. Otherwise, it’s called wasting money.

3. Become a recording artist. Jot down notes on what you smoke. Keep a smoker’s journal and re-read it periodically. It need be nothing fancy, simply adequate to remind you what you liked and disliked and why. And in addition to recording your own thoughts, read others’ as well. Doing so will help you better articulate why you like or dislike a particular smoke.

Feel free to offer your tips for beginners in the comments below as well.

George E

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One Response to “Cigar Tip: Starting Right”

  1. Eric Scism Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    This is one of the most important things for me to do. I noticed it makes a huge difference in my even my stick burns. Good work guys!