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Cigar Review: J.P.G. Little Havana Overruns Corona

22 Oct 2012

This bargain basement bundle cigar from Holt’s Cigar Co. is sometimes the subject of speculation on cigar forums. Its origins offer a lot for those drawn to intrigue.

First, they’re produced by Jose “Pepin” Garcia (the J.P.G. in the title), the master blender behind quite a few of Holt’s/Ashton big name cigars, such as La Aroma de Cuba and San Cristobal. Second, the Overruns are said to be rolled “in the heart of Little Havana” where Pepin established his reputation—this despite the fact that Don Pepin’s operation moved from Miami to Doral, Florida, sometime back.) And finally, the Overruns name lends itself to the belief that the cigars are somehow related to one of Garcia’s high-priced, more famous cigars.

Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

I picked up a bundle of the 5.5-inch, 44-ring gauge Coronas for $44.95 out of curiosity. And they turned out to be about what I’d expect for such an inexpensive cigar from a quality shop. That is a well-made, relatively OK stick that tastes to me like it is composed of lower quality, less finely prepared tobaccos.

I found a little of Don Pepin’s signature pepper, but the degree of harshness is far more than you’ll experience in any of his high-quality productions. It’s the kind of cigar I would smoke but would never miss if I didn’t ever light it up again.

If you’re looking for a cigar to hand out to semi-smoking friends at poker games or on the golf course, use as a yard ‘gar, or light up as a fishing companion, this is not a bad choice. If you think you’ve discovered some Tatuajes or Blue Labels going for under $3 apiece, I think you’ll be disappointed.

This cigar rates three stogies out of five.

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photo credit: Holt’s Cigar Co.

2 Responses to “Cigar Review: J.P.G. Little Havana Overruns Corona”

  1. Eric Scism Monday, October 22, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    I've honestly never wanted to pick up any of these cigars. I'm not a fan of overruns or the hand me down cigars. If I'm gonna spend my money on them I'd rather buy quality stuff. But it's always worth giving it a try I suppose

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