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Cigar Review: Quesada Heisenberg Corneta Cuadrada

15 Apr 2013

If you ever lamented how cigar enjoyment can get caught up in details that distract from your own impressions of flavor—details like countries of origin, tobacco types, blenders, factories, quantity of units produced, etc.—Quesada has just the cigar for you.

HeisenbergEarlier this year, Quesada (a product of SAG Imports) released Heisenberg, a cigar line that’s secretive about its makeup. It is named for “the scientific formula of the same name that proves the fundamental limits of precision: In other words, no matter how much we know about something we will never know everything; the more we focus on one aspect, the less we know about another,” reads the SAG Imports website. “The Heisenberg project has two intentions: to dispel the stereotypes that limit our ability to enjoy a cigar and remind aficionados that sometimes it’s best to sit back, relax, and just enjoy a smoke without over-analyzing it.”

True to this agenda, Quesada—which also makes Oktoberfest and Tributo, among other lines—is releasing no information about Heisenberg, a cigar that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Breaking Bad. All I’ve been able to gather is there are four vitolas, and the two Corneta Cuadradas I sampled cost me $7 apiece.

The Corneta Cuadrada is a funky-looking smoke, and not just because its black and silver band is marked with nothing but a quantum physics formula. The slightly box-pressed, ever-widening cigar is 5.25 inches long with a ring gauge of 44 at the head, 48 towards the middle, and 55 at the foot. It has a dark, moderately oily wrapper that’s spattered with dark spots and bumps. Faint notes of sweetness and earth can be found pre-light.

Once lit, the texture is syrupy and chewy with bitter leather and spice. Quickly, flavors of raisin and black licorice emerge, but they’re finicky and not noticeable with every puff. I have to gently squish the cap between my teeth to open up the draw. Perhaps a punch cut is a poor choice (I figured it wouldn’t be given the slender head, though next time I’ll use a guillotine).

I’ve had other cigars similar to Heisenberg, though don’t ask me to recall which ones specifically. Everything is familiar, especially the core mustiness, the bitterness, and the warm tobacco taste. While I’m not saying I suspect Heisenberg is a copy of something else, I will say the flavor—at least to my taste buds—is nothing new. Unfortunately, it also isn’t a sensation I’ll be going out of my way to experience again.

Yes, there are some issues with the burn line, and the draw needs to be worked at to open up. But these are secondary considerations. What concerns me is the flavor doesn’t seem to speak to me in a meaningful way. This isn’t a bad cigar, and maybe you’ll have a completely different experience. For me, the Quesada Heisenberg Corneta Cuadrada rates two and a half stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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