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Cigar Review: My Father Special S Robusto

3 Jun 2013

My Father SpecialFirst, let’s talk about what this cigar is not. It is not the one handed out at Don Pepin Garcia events and said to be a replica of his storied blend for the original El Centurion.

No, this cigar is what might be referred to more aptly as the “Not-So-Special” My Father Special.

While occasionally offered for sale, nearly always in a three-pack, this line is more frequently found as the extra stick in a My Father sampler or an inducement giveaway.

According to what little information I was able to find, the light brown wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano-seed and the binder and filler are Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar carries typical Robusto proportions: five inches long with a ring gauge of 50.

What it isn’t, however, even for a big Pepin fan, is particularly special.

I’ve had four of them and, as you’d expect from My Father, they are consistent and well-constructed. Good draw, good burn.

It’s in the flavor that the cigar falls somewhat short. While it kicks off with a bit of the typical Pepin spice, the cigar quickly settles in with a flatter, less lively taste. There’s also little complexity, and the stick more or less maintains the same profile from head to foot.

I don’t find that at all surprising, since I wouldn’t expect a manufacturer to use its best tobacco in producing what is, essentially, a fill-in cigar.

This is by no means a bad cigar. It just isn’t anything special. As such, it fits right in to the “pretty respectable” three-stogie rating.

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George E

photo credit: Stogie Guys

2 Responses to “Cigar Review: My Father Special S Robusto”

  1. Marco Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Your review reflects my experience with this cigar as well. In a word disappointing. Hope the new El Centurion is nothing like this…… Had a box of the original El Centurions and loved them…..

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