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News: Trademarks Give Hints of Upcoming Cigar Releases (Can you guess who owns which name?)

11 Jun 2013

Every year, cigar companies create many new lines. (You could argue there are too many new cigars and not enough attention to older lines.) The plethora of new cigars means cigar makers register a lot of trademarks in order to protect their brand names once they are released.

Those same trademark registrations give us a hint of what new blends companies may be releasing, especially with the IPCPR Trade Show taking place next month. Of course, many will never turn into anything, but others will become flagship brands. Take a look at this 2010 article about trademark registrations and you’ll see Drew Estate’s Undercrown and Alec Bradley’s American Classic long before the cigars ever were released.

Some trademarks are pretty obvious as to who the owner is. For example, “Flor de Antillas Sun Grown” or “Prohibition by Rocky Patel.” Others are seemingly random.

So to have a little fun, here’s a quick eight-question quiz to see if you can guess who registered which trademark. You’ll find the answers on the last page.

In the comments, let us know which trademark names you are most excited about possibly becoming a new cigar.

-Patrick S

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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