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Cigar Review: Sindicato Hex Perfecto

31 Jul 2013

Sindicato was clearly one of the most anticipated new cigar companies at this month’s industry trade show in Las Vegas. And that came as no surprise. It is the first cigar outfit to be launched by a formidable “syndicate” of veteran tobacco retailers.

Sindicato HexThese retailers include Abe Dababneh (Smoke Inn in Florida), Dan Jenuwine (Quality Fresh Cigars in Michigan), Gary Pesh (Old Virginia Tobacco in Virginia), Robert Roth (Nice Ash Cigars in New York and Pennsylvania), and Jeff Borysiewicz (Corona Cigar Company in Orlando). The group is headed by Jim Colucci, formerly executive vice president of sales for Altadis. So while Sindicato is new, it’s getting a great head start with a base of 45 top retailers—not to mention some of the biggest, most sought-after retailers in the industry.

Three distinct brands comprise the Sindicato lineup. Casa Bella is a “premium bundle” smoke from the Dominican Republic with prices around $2 per cigar. Affinity is an Ecuadorian Connecticut-wrapped blend with a mild profile that “delivers a rich, flavorful, and complex taste.” And Hex, Dababneh’s personal favorite, will be sold as “a refined medium- to full-bodied cigar.”

Hex sports a dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper around tobaccos from Condega, Nicaragua. It is available in five sizes, including the Perfecto (6.25 x 52) which retails for $183.75 for a box of 21. The Perfecto is a gorgeous, pigtail-capped smoke with an oily shine and negligible veins or seams. A big aroma of earth, cocoa, and red pepper is apparent off the tapered foot.

One might assume a cigar as dark and menacing as this would have a powerful, spicy intro. But that’s not the case. After setting an even light, a balanced, medium-bodied profile of black cherry, dry wood, and white pepper emerges. The smoke production is solid and the mouth-feel is velvety. Little changes from beginning to end, save for a slight increase in intensity.

The Perfecto burns nicely with a thick, black mascara that requires no torch touch-ups. The solid, gray ash hangs off the foot well, and the draw remains moderate throughout. Interestingly, resting smoke only emanates from the foot a few seconds after each puff; otherwise, when sitting un-smoked, virtually no smoke is produced.

This young cigar isn’t a nicotine ass-kicker or a spicy flavor-bomb. Rather, it dominates the palate in a different way: with an oily, palate-coating texture that, I think, begs to be paired with sipping bourbon. I wonder how it will age. Right now, I find it works best in the evening after a meal, and I’m awarding it a very solid rating of four stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

One Response to “Cigar Review: Sindicato Hex Perfecto”

  1. Patrick Semmens Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    I would add, an eponymous "Sindicato" line is also in the works. I smoked a sample of the full-bodied, box-pressed blend at the Trade Show, but it has not been officially been released. The blend was just being finalized at the show and wasn't officially being displayed.