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Cigar Tip: Your Chance To Do A Good Deed

8 Aug 2013

We got an email recently from the commander of the 480th Fighter Squadron in Afghanistan noting that had promoted (and participated in) cigar-giving to the troops and wondering if we could help. Could there be any other answer than “yes”?

KandaharI can’t imagine anyone these days needs an explanation why cigars are so needed and appreciated by service members deployed in places like Afghanistan. But if you do, here’s a bit of Lt. Col. Cameron “Rider” Caroom’s email:

“As there is no beer, good food, or anything similar allowed in the AOR [area of responsibility], my band of warriors is evolving into a club of cigar aficionados. In fact, we have even taken to ensuring compliance with our social standards and general good order and discipline by ‘shacking ($5)’ each other and the proceeds are used to stock our humidors.  Sadly, our stocks are dwindling.”

The 480th has a distinguished history, including a Congressional Medal of Honor winner in the Vietnam War. The Afghanistan assignment came during the spring and, according to the Air Force, the squadron is at Kandahar Airfield for approximately six months to provide round-the-clock “air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack capabilities.”

I know you don’t want these men and women to be without a cigar when they have a some precious down time. Mailing cigars to the military is pretty simple. I recommend Priority because it helps cut down on delivery time. Be sure to include some humidification device to help keep the cigars in good shape.

Just check with your post office if you have any questions. Use this address:

Cameron Caroom

451 EOG/480 EFS

APO, AE 09347

When your package is on its way, light one up in honor of service members everywhere. And thank you for your support.

George E

photo credit: Kandahar Koughers Facebook

2 Responses to “Cigar Tip: Your Chance To Do A Good Deed”

  1. @stogieguys Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    The following message came in to our facebook page yesterday and I thought it would be helpful to post it here:

    Hello, I was reading your page and was wondering if you donate cigars still? We are a club here in Kabul Afghanistan that has been around since 2009. Tali-banned Aficiondo Club. I know at one point you donated some, but we have changed "ownership" since then. About every year or so, we change hands. There are about 120 members in our chapter alone and if were possible, please send to:
    SSG Adam Kilbourn
    56th MP CO (c/s)
    Camp Phoenix, AFG
    APO, AE 09320

    Thank you so much, a smoke is all we enjoy after a mission is complete

    • @stogieguys Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 9:03 pm #

      Also, if you're worried that a particular address is out of date, you can use Facebook to search for an active troop cigar club overseas. The "Tali-Banned" club and "Kandahar Koughers" both have multiple chapters in Afghanistan. You should be able to contact a member for a mailing address.