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News: Alec Bradley Warehouse Robbed

18 Sep 2013

A couple months after making history by sending the first cigars into space, Alec Bradley is once again making headlines. This time, though, the Florida-based company is drawing attention not for a unique publicity stunt, but for a crime.

Alec BradleyCigar Aficionado reported yesterday that burglars recently stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Alec Bradley’s humidified storage facility in Hollywood, Florida. The story of how they broke in and made off without getting caught sounds like the plot of a heist movie.

The burglars cut a hole through the roof of the building using a high-powered saw, said Alan Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley, and gained access to the humidified warehouse. Using forklifts, they moved cases of cigars out to a stolen truck and made away with the merchandise, worth approximately $300,000 at wholesale, or nearly $600,000 at the retail level.

The break-in occurred early on the morning of September 7, a Saturday. Rubin initially kept the incident quiet during the search for the criminals, who remain at large. “We didn’t want to say anything because of the investigation,” Rubin told Cigar Aficionado. He changed his mind, he said, when he heard of people in the northeast United States being approached with offers of buying Alec Bradley cigars at a steep discount. has elected to help spread the news about this robbery because the criminals are still at large, and Rubin is calling on cigar consumers for help. If you are offered Alec Bradley cigars at a steep discount, or if you see Alec Bradley cigars for sale in bundles that are always sold in boxes (i.e., Prensado), please report it to the authorities. Stolen cigars included Prensado, Nica Puro, Black Market, and Alec Bradley Connecticut.

Patrick A

photo credit: Alec Bradley

2 Responses to “News: Alec Bradley Warehouse Robbed”

  1. Timothy Black Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    So there it is then: Keystone. The thing the IPCPR claims is one of the biggest reasons they don't want bloggers at the show…a consumer might find out from a blogger that retailers double the prices when they sell cigars in a store.

    Yes, this is a supposed "legitimate" concern of the IPCPR: that a wily blogger might see a price sheet and then report it to his or her readers.

    And yet here is Alec Bradley and CA just telling the world this amazing secret.

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