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Commentary: A Cigar Goal Report Card

24 Sep 2013

With the fourth quarter just around the corner, it seems like a good time to check in on how I’ve been doing with my 2013 cigar goals.

wild-billThere were three:

1. Concentrate more on the cigar I’m smoking.
2. Check out more limited editions.
3. Smoke more mild and medium-strength cigars.

I’d give myself a “C” on the first one. I think I’ve done better, helped by my efforts at achieving the second goal. But I’m still not where I’d like to be. As for No. 3, I flunked. I’ve had a few more of these, but not many. But I’ve also come to believe that this isn’t a realistic goal when I rarely smoke more than one cigar a day.

It’s goal No. 2 where I made considerable progress. I’m only guessing, since I don’t keep records on what I smoke, but probably a third of my 2013 cigars have been limited editions, including nearly every one I smoke at my local B&M.

I’ve had quite a few cigars I might not have tried otherwise, though I couldn’t bring myself to pull the $30 trigger on the 2013 Fuente Don Carlos Limited Edition 2013.

But others—from the Viaje Satori 2013 that was an unusual mix of spice and low power to La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1, where I found the chisel “cut” worked well for a change—were good experiences. You’ll likely see some here evaluated as “Quick Smokes.”

I haven’t liked them all by any means, but I have appreciated most. Whether the blend is truly limited or unique, for me, the cigars encourage a focus on the individual stick.

A good example is Eddie Ortega’s Wild Bunch series. I’ve had several and liked each one. Perhaps my favorite has been Wild Bill, a six-inch, oily stick with a pigtail cap and a light finish. Is it radically different from many other cigars? No. But does Wild Bill distinguish itself with fine taste and construction that repays attention? Absolutely.

And, after all, isn’t that what cigar smoking is all about?

George E

photo credit: Ortega Cigars

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