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Cigar Review: Sosa Limitado Stout Torpedo

18 Dec 2013

The history of Sosa dates back to the early 1900s, when Don Juan Sosa transformed himself from a small-scale tobacco grower into one of the largest tobacco producers in Cuba. Like many others, he and his family were eventually forced off the island during the revolution.

Sosa LimitadoSettling in the Santiago region of the Dominican Republic, the Sosa family continued the tradition of its patriarch. Today, the brand is under the Antillian Cigar Corporation umbrella, alongside Macadi and Imperio Cubano. The Sosa portfolio includes, among others, the Exclusive Series, Family Selection, Super Selection, and Underground.

The newest Sosa offering is called Limitado. Blended by Arby Sosa, it features a three- year-old Nicaragua Habano wrapper from the Puros Indios factory in Honduras, an Indonesian Sumatra binder, and filler tobaccos from Ecuador and Nicaragua. It is made in Miami with production limited to 800 cigars per month. Only one roller is used to make the Sosa Limitado Stout Torpedo.

That Stout Torpedo size (7 x 54) is intimidating; the cigar looks like it could be used as a murder weapon. Once the cyan-colored band sleeve is removed (thankfully, it slides easily off the cigar), you’ll find a dark wrapper with minimal veins and moderate oils. The feel is consistently firm from throughout. Musty, earthy notes can be found at the foot.

While the cigar may look intimidating, the flavor is anything but. Once lit, a soft, approachable profile emerges that’s rounded, balanced, and light on spice or nicotine kick. Identifiable notes include clove, dried fruit, baking spices, wood, and a little sweetness. The texture is billowy and the finish is short. I don’t find a ton of flavor changes throughout the long smoke.

Without question, the individual Sosa has rolling the Stout Torpedo knows what he/she is doing. Across the four samples I smoked for this review—all provided by Sosa—each had a perfect burn line, a solid ash, and a smooth, airy draw that yields ample smoke with little effort.

I really like this cigar. What makes it so difficult to review or rate, however, is the asking price, which is $15. That cost puts the Limitado Stout Torpedo against some stiff competition in the super-premium market. Taking everything into consideration, I’m recommending everyone give this pleasing cigar at least one try and settling on a solid rating of three and a half stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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