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Cigar Review: God of Fire Don Carlos 2009 Robusto

15 Jan 2014

There are cigars you can classify as everyday smokes, and then there are special occasion cigars. God of Fire falls into the latter category.

God of Fire by Don Carlos 2009With so many excellent smokes on the market for about $10 or less, a cigar truly has to shine to prove itself worthy of double that cost threshold. The God of Fire Don Carlos 2009 Robusto does just that. Despite commanding a price of $20 apiece, it is a flavorful, balanced, and satisfying experience that performs time and again—rendering it an excellent choice if you want a special cigar and are willing to pay up.

I recently purchased two Don Carlos 2009 Robustos (5.25 x 50) for a total cost of just under $40. The Robusto is one of three formats offered in the Don Carlos series, the others being Robusto Gordo (5.5 x 54) and Toro (6 x 50). Each features an Ecuadorian wrapper surrounding Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. These cigars are complimented by the Carlito series in the God of Fire portfolio—four vitolas that are presented with Cameroon wrappers. The lines are blended by Carlos Fuente, Sr. and Carlito Fuente, respectively, and they are manufactured by Arturo Fuente for Prometheus.

The 2009 release of the Don Carlos series was aged for a minimum of three years after the cigars were rolled. Regardless of the release, though, the Don Carlos Robusto is said to be “the most distinctive of all the God of Fire cigars—and indeed one of the most distinctive cigars available anywhere,” according to the God of Fire website. “It has the most intense flavor of any cigar carrying the God of Fire label, though it is still best described as a medium-bodied cigar.”

The clean, moderately veined Robusto has rich pre-light notes of syrup and a perfect cap that clips easily to reveal a slightly stiff draw. Once lit, what follows is a dry, almost salty profile of cedar, coffee, sweet cream, and nougat. While the draw may be a little firm, the smoke production is excellent with each puff. The resting smoke has a terrific aroma that’s bright and sweet. And the construction—from the perfect burn to the solid ash—is immaculate.

Even as the Robusto progresses to the midway point and beyond, the strength always falls somewhere between mild- and medium-bodied. This is not a heavy-handed cigar with in-your-face flavors; rather, it’s a subtle, balanced blend that’s only fully appreciated with conscientious, deliberate puffs. Smoking through the nose is highly encouraged.

I may only light up a God of Fire by Don Carlos cigar a few times a year, but when I do it’s always special and worth the high price. Based on the two samples I smoked for this review, the 2009 iteration of the Don Carlos Robusto is worthy of an outstanding rating of four and a half stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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