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Cigar Review: CLE Plus Robusto

30 Jul 2014

CLEChristian Eiroa may not be as widely known as some other cigar blenders, but he has created an indelible legacy. His Camacho brand helped create the market for strong cigars that now forms a permanent part of the industry, while his Camp Camacho in Honduras was a pioneering effort in the growing trend of cigar tourism to Latin America.

But Eiroa, a young man with a new operation, is anything but a historical figure. These days, he’s putting terrific new cigars on the shelves at a fairly rapid pace. I’ve been strongly impressed by his Eiroa line and other brands in which he’s had a hand, such as Asylum.

Now, I can add CLE Plus to the growing list. CLE, in case you hadn’t guessed, are Eiroa’s initials. His middle name is Luis.

This Honduron puro has been on the market about a year, a presentation standout with a striking thin red band and a nutty, mouth-watering pre-light aroma from its somewhat mottled brown Corojo wrapper.

CLE Plus comes in four sizes. The Robusto—a familiar five inches long with a ring gauge of 50—is the only vitola I’ve smoked, but as I’ve been working my way through a five-pack, it seems to me to be the perfect size for this bold cigar. Large enough for a satisfying experience but not so much cigar that you’ve had too much by the end.

With a bit of spice, deep leather, a little wood, and an occasional touch of sweetness, this is a cigar blended to be sure of what it is and to stay with it. There’s no harshness, no bitterness, and no nicotine bite.

Construction is excellent, with a straight burn, lots of smoke and a great draw. The Robusto runs about $8 per stick.

CLE Plus is, in my estimation, a first-class cigar, perhaps a bit too intense for a new smoker but one that an experienced hand shouldn’t miss. I give it four stogies out of five.

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George E

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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