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Cigar Review: Cubanacan Soneros Habano Claro Corona Gorda

14 Jan 2015

“Where fertile land is abundant.” That’s the meaning behind the Cubanacan name. According to the company’s website, Cubanacan “is derived from tobacco traditions that predate Cuba itself. The story of Cubanacan is not just one of our past, but one that is still being written… Our goal is not just to be the storyteller, but to have each person that enjoys our cigar help write the next part of our tale.”

SonerosCubanacan began growing its own tobacco in Nicaragua in 2006, and shortly thereafter established the Tabacalera Cubanacan factory in Estelí. There, six distinct blends are handmade under the supervision of master blender Omar González Alemán: Cubanacan Connecticut, Cubanacan Habano, Cubanacan Maduro, HR Habano 2000, Soneros Maduro, and Soneros Habano Claro.

The latter comes in five vitolas: Campana, Corona Gorda, Gran Robusto, Petit Sublime, and Toro. I smoked two Soneros Habano Claro Corona Gordas for this review, both of which were provided by Cubanacan. While the company website lists the cigar as 5.1 inches long with a ring gauge of 46—and while a recent email press release lists the length as 6.5 inches—I was able to confirm this size actually measures 5.625 inches with a 46 ring gauge.

The Habano Claro features a Habano Ecuador binder, Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and an Ecuadorian wrapper classified as “claro.” When I think claro, I think of a shade-grown wrapper so light it’s almost green. When asked, Nate McIntyre of Cubanacan said, “Cigar shades are always relative… It’s always according to a multitude of factors including varietal, weather that year, fermentation practices, etc.”

After lighting the foot, pre-light notes of coffee and leather transition to a taste of cream, roasted nut, dry oak, and hints of pepper. Milk chocolate and some caramel become apparent towards the midway point. The final third is characterized by more creaminess and sweetness, which is somewhat offset by a natural tobacco flavor. Throughout, the strength remains consistently medium-bodied and the texture is silky.

Construction is top-notch. My two samples both exhibited straight burn lines that required no touch-ups, solid ashes that held well off the foot, and above average smoke production.

With a reasonable price tag of $7.25, the Soneros Habano Claro Corona Gorda is a well-balanced treat that provides considerable bang for the buck. In addition, I really dig the size (5.625 x 46) since it delivers solid flavor, doesn’t overstay its welcome, and avoids the pitfall of the current “thicker is better” trend. I’m pleased to award this cigar four stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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