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Cigar Review: Dram Cask No. 2 Double Corojo Toro

6 Apr 2015

Back in January I reviewed the Dram Cask No. 3 Double Habano, a cigar specifically blended to pair with bold, spicy whiskies. Today I’m examining the Dram Cask No. 2 Double Corojo, which is intended for woody whiskies that are more medium in strength.

Dram Cask No. 2Both are relatively new smokes, released by Orleans Group International and C&C Cigars, and intended to “choreograph the flavors of whiskey and cigars,” according to a press release. “Cigar and whiskey aficionados alike will appreciate the depth of each blend’s complementary or contrasting flavors, magnifying the qualities of the cigar and the whiskey.”

Dram—a term referring to a small amount of spirit poured neat, especially scotch—is subscribing to the principal that “body is as essential as flavor,” so there are four Dram blends that are intended to pair with different whiskey intensities. Dram Cask No. 1 Double Connecticut is on the bolder end of the mild spectrum and marketed as a complement to light whiskies like Glenmorangie and Balvenie Single Barrel. Cask No. 3 Double Habano is for spicier spirits like Bulleit Bourbon. Cask No. 4 Double Binder Connecticut Broadleaf is for smoky, peaty scotches like Laphroaig. And Cask No. 2, the subject of today’s review, is intended for woody whiskeys like Wild Turkey 101 and Angel’s Envy.

I sampled three Cask No. 2 Double Corojo Toros (6 x 54, $9) for this review. This particular cigar is crafted in the Dominican Republic and sports a dark, mottled, slightly reddish Corojo wrapper with only thin veins, tight seams, and a well-executed cap. The feel is firm and the pre-light notes are quite sweet, reminding me of milk chocolate. The cold draw is easy and imparts some of the sweetness on the lips. The band is very attractive and of high quality.

Once an even light is set, the Cask No. 2 Double Corojo Toro exhibits a medium-bodied profile of oak, cinnamon, bread, and natural tobacco. A sharp spice lingers on the tip of the tongue, and there’s a medicinal cherry sweetness that reminds me of Luden’s cough drops. The midway point tends towards campfire, and the final third has earthy mushroom and plenty of cedar. Construction is fine throughout, including a solid ash, clear draw, and a burn line that requires a few touch-ups along the way.

I tried this Toro with and without whiskey. Either way, I have to say it really isn’t my cup of tea. The flavor seems simplistic and underdeveloped, and I’m not terribly fond of the medicinal notes. The Cask No. 3 Double Habano is a much more interesting blend. Maybe you’ll have more luck with it, but I’m respectfully settling on a score of two and a half stogies out of five for the Double Corojo Toro.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

2 Responses to “Cigar Review: Dram Cask No. 2 Double Corojo Toro”

  1. JMac Monday, April 6, 2015 at 6:54 am #

    This sort of conceptual cigar denotes a crowded industry that is trying too hard.

  2. Archie Monday, April 6, 2015 at 8:40 am #

    Any time I see “medicinal” in a review, I know what you mean and become disinterested. Thanks for your honest review.