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Cigar Review: Exactus Puro Ambar Legacy Gran Robusto

18 Jun 2015

This cigar attracts attention. The white and copper colors in its two bands—one of them extra large—stand out against the dark wrapper.

puro-ambar-exactusAfter lighting up, the first impression might be a little off. The Legacy begins a bit unpolished, presenting a little back-of-the-throat sharpness. Fortunately, that doesn’t last long, quickly replaced by much more pleasant flavors of pepper and coffee.

One of two recent offerings from Tabaclera El Artista, the Legacy is available in two vitolas. The Gran Robusto I smoked is a 5.25-inch stick with a ring gauge of 54. The other size is a 6.5-inch Gran Toro with a ring gauge of 56. Prices are extremely reasonable, with MSRPs just $4.50 and $5.50, respectively, according to the company.

The Dominican company started in the 1950s and uses its own tobacco. The filler in the Legacy is Dominican Criollo ’98 and 1900, an El Arista exclusive. The wrapper is also the 1900, while the binder is described as “Dominican wine-fermented Criollo ’98.”

Three samples were supplied by El Artista, and they’ve been sitting in my humidor for a few months. I was most impressed with the higher-priced sibling, giving the Exactus Puro Ambar a stellar rating in a review earlier this year.

The Legacy, while enjoyable, wasn’t up to that level. As you’d expect, the Legacy was not a complex cigar. Medium in strength, the dominant flavors remained fairly consistent throughout.

Performance was something of a problem. One of the three I smoked developed a tunnel and didn’t smoke right for about a third of the length, while another required numerous relights.

I’d recommend giving the Legacy a try. El Arista appears to be adding additional retailers so you should check its website to see if there’s one near you. I rate this cigar a respectable three stogies out of five.

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George E

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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