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Cigar Review: Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Ranflatic

14 Oct 2015

Believe it or not, the partnership between jewelry maker Matt Booth and Camacho is about six years old. Seems like only a few years since it was announced Camacho would be making cigars sold under Booth’s Room 101 brand, which is named after the torture room in George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Johnny TobacconautThis summer, Booth was showing off a new line at the Davidoff display at the IPCPR Trade Show in New Orleans (Camacho was acquired by Davidoff in 2008). Called Johnny Tobacconaut, the blend humorously implies the tobacco was harvested from outer space, as the black and copper boxes depict a space cadet with a backpack full of tobacco and a shovel.

“One small puff for man, one giant cascade of flavor for mankind is what our dear friend and comrade in arms Johnny Tobacconaut seeks to deliver unto you,” reads the marketing copy. “Unsheathe this smoke wagon of funkadelic flavor and afford yourself a micro escape from your day. The mini vacation you are about to embark upon, should you choose to accept it, will bring you one step closer to becoming that gentleman or gentle-lady of leisure we all know is within you.”

In reality, the leaves are from Nicaragua and the cigars are manufactured by Davidoff in Danlí, Honduras. Three sizes are available in the pricy $12 to $15 range: Fileroid (4.5 x 52), Ranflatic, (6.5 x 50), and Chingonova (8 x 60). (Ranflatic is incorrectly listed as 5.5 inches long just about everywhere.) All are perfectos. Total production is limited to 3,500 boxes of 20, or 70,000 individual cigars—though Booth says he’d make this a permanent line if it sells well.

Ranflatic is a handsome, oily specimen with thin veins and pre-light notes of dark chocolate and dried apricot. Only the slightest snip of the narrowed cap is necessary to open an easy cold draw. Once lit, a simple, familiar, medium-bodied profile emerges with flavors reminiscent of black coffee, black pepper, leather, warm tobacco, and back-of-the-throat spice.

As it progresses, Ranflatic adds a little cream, some cinnamon, and hints of salted nuts. There are few changes otherwise, aside from a dose of bitterness here and there. Throughout, the combustion qualities perform very well, including a trouble-free burn line, sturdy gray ash, and impressive smoke production.

After smoking two Ranflatics, I’ve come to the conclusion the blend—while enjoyable—is somewhat lacking in pop, complexity, or any distinguishing uniqueness that would help justify the considerable price. Maybe the blend just doesn’t strike the right chord with my palate. That’s ultimately why I’m settling on a score of two and a half stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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