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Quick Smoke: Aging Room Solera Dominican Sun Grown Festivo

6 Nov 2016

Each Saturday and Sunday we’ll post a Quick Smoke: not quite a full review, just our brief verdict on a single cigar of “buy,” “hold,” or “sell.”


Adapting a Spanish technique sometimes used in aging various alcoholic and other liquids, Aging Room’s Rafael Nodal created Solera, a new line of cigars with four different wrappers. All feature Dominican fillers and binders. I smoked the Sun Grown Festivo, a 4.7-inch smoke with a ring gauge of 52. The Solera process involves mixing tobaccos together as they age after fermentation, rather than the more common method of aging tobaccos separately. I can’t say how much difference it made, but I did find the Solera smooth, balanced, and tasty with a long finish. Well worth a try.

Verdict = Buy.

George E

photo credit: Stogie Guys

One Response to “Quick Smoke: Aging Room Solera Dominican Sun Grown Festivo”

  1. JMac Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 3:07 pm #

    Seems to me such a method would make it difficult to roll each cigar with an equal blend of leaves unless the leaves are so distinctive and separated before rolling. But what do I know.