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Cigar Review: Villiger La Vencedora Toro

19 Feb 2018

A month ago, Villiger announced its first full-bodied cigar. La Vencedora, Spanish for “the victor,” is a Nicaraguan puro made at Joya de Nicaragua. The line is intended as a “follow-up blend” to the Ecuadorian-wrapped La Flor de Ynclan, which debuted last year.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to use our 130 years of experience to create what I feel is a very special cigar in the Villiger La Vencedora,” said Heinrich Villiger, chairman of the Switzerland-based company. Rene Castañeda, president of Villiger Cigars North America, added, “La Vencedora is a palate-pleasing, full-bodied, yet elegant cigar, that will satisfy the cigar connoisseur as well as the casual smoker.”

The introduction of a truly full-bodied cigar is the latest in a series of moves made by Villiger to step up its premium cigar game. For quite some time, Villiger had been known almost exclusively as a purveyor of machine-made cigars. In recent years, though, Villiger has introduced several premium handmade cigar lines, including La Flor de Ynclan, 1888, San’Doro, and, now, La Vencedora. (Quick side note: Three cheers to Villiger for maintaining a clean, updated, easy-to-navigate website to help consumers learn about its blends—a no-brainer that’s unfortunately all too uncommon among cigar makers.)

The three La Vencedora vitolas retail in the $9-10 range: Robusto (5 x 50), Churchill (7 x 50), and Toro (6 x 50). The latter is the subject of today’s review. Beneath its metallic band of silver, black, and red is a dark, moderately oily Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper. The foot exhibits pre-light notes of black cherry and mesquite. Once the well-executed cap is clipped, I find, despite the Toro’s relative firmness, an easy cold draw.

After setting an even light, a rich, medium-bodied profile introduces itself with flavors ranging from espresso and dried fruit to black pepper and cinnamon. Shortly thereafter, the body ramps up to full, and all of the individual notes—especially espresso—increase in intensity. The midway point is characterized by less spice and more cream, as well as the welcome additions of brown sugar, roasted pecans, and vanilla. The texture is bready. The finale is a heavy dose of spice.

True to Joya de Nicaragua form, the combustion properties are outstanding. Expect an even burn, solid gray ash, smooth draw, and good smoke production.

La Vencedora “represents to Heinrich Villiger the arrival of Villiger Cigars to the premium handmade cigar segment.” To him, it is a “legacy cigar.” To me, it’s the most impressive, complex, encompassing smoke Villiger has produced to date, and it earns four and a half stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

One Response to “Cigar Review: Villiger La Vencedora Toro”

  1. Dan H Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 10:58 pm #

    I saw CA had an article about the factory they use for Flor de Ynclan. Though Villiger is a huge company, the factory seems pretty modest, and they seemed genuinely thrilled about the recognition. Still need to try that one, and based on the high praise here, La Venecedora as well.