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Cigar Review: Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius Lonsdale

28 Feb 2018

Who doesn’t love a lonsdale?

Well, a lot of cigar smokers, I guess, since the long-ish, thin shape has become less and less popular through the years. Its once-prominent place in humidors has declined even more rapidly with the ascendance of large ring gauge smokes.

But the lonsdale remains an elegant and tempting shape.

This recent offering from Cornelius & Anthony keeps the tradition alive and is a welcome addition to the three sizes of the initial line the company introduced a couple of years ago.

The cigars are rolled in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood at the well-known El Titan de Bronze factory. The Cornelius Lonsdale is the traditional 6.5 inches long with a ring gauge of 42.

As with other C&A cigars, it features two bands, with the thinner one identifying it as Cornelius. The MSRP is $13.50. (The lonsdale name, by the way, comes from an English nobleman, the fifth earl of Lonsdale, who reportedly spent as much as £500 a week on cigars.)

The wrapper is an oily light brown Ecuadorian Habano. The binder is also from Ecuador, while the filler is a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos.

Like its sibling, the Cornelius Lonsdale begins with a pleasant mixture of sweetness and spice. The sweetness recedes as the cigar burns down, and charred wood and cedar move forward. In the final third, a peppery note comes through as well.

The draw, which can sometimes be a concern with thinner cigars, was excellent in both of those I tried. The cigars also produced a great deal of thick, rich smoke and held their ashes tightly.

The Cornelius Lonsdale paired perfectly with black coffee, and I imagine it would complement any number of drinks (except those that are very sweet).

All in all, I found this vitola a bit more complex and balanced than the Toro I smoked earlier. Strength in all of them was squarely in the medium range.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Cornelius Lonsdale and recommend it for almost any smoker. I rate it a strong four stogies out of five.

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–George E

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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