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Cigar Tip: Four All-Time Great Cigars Before They Were Discontinued

31 Jan 2019

Most discontinued cigars were discontinued because they didn’t sell. Look at the cigars introduced at the IPCPR Trade Show five years ago and you’ll find many that aren’t around anymore, or have been relegated to close-outs.

But other cigars have been discontinued for other reasons. Today we look at four cigars that were discontinued despite being considered excellent.

Cuban Bolivar Gold Medal

This Cuban lonsdale was a cigar connoisseurs appreciated, even though it apparently never was a big seller. Not only is it a bold and full-bodied Cuban, it features iconic gold foil packaging. The pre-1960 release was first discontinued in 1992 only to be brought back in 2007 and then dropped again in 2011. Given its history, don’t be shocked if it makes it back as a limited edition release.

Cuban Davidoffs

Legendary cigars until they were discontinued in 1991, Davidoff was the last company that wasn’t controlled by the Cuban government to make cigars with Cuban tobacco. Davidoff pulled out of Cuba in 1991 because of reportedly sub-standard tobacco, which Zino Davidoff dramatically and symbolically burned to show that it wasn’t up to his standards. Still, prior to that, Davidoff Cubans were the perfect combination of capitalist production standards and the ideal climate for growing tobacco. Today, old Cuban Davidoffs are a preview of what could come when Cuba finally embraces economic liberalization.

Pepin-made Padilla 1932

Production of the Padilla 1932 didn’t stop when Pepin stopped making Padilla cigars in 2008, but the cigar has never been the same. Later versions of the Padilla 1932 were nice cigars, but the original 1932 was one that made me appreciate just how complex, balanced, and exquisite a cigar really can be. (If you want to identify the Pepin-made Padilla 1932, look for “Padilla” in block letters, as opposed to script in later versions.) I smoked many of these cigars before they were discontinued; I wish I had scooped up a few more boxes when I had the chance.

Tatuaje Black Corona Gordo “Ceramic Jar” Release

Not so much discontinued but introduced as a limited edition, the Tatuaje Black line has only expanded over the years, but none match the original 2007 Ceramic Jar release. (Not even the follow up jar release.)  Only 1,000 original jars of 19 were made and, from the dozen or so I smoked, no other Tatuaje quite compares (high praise when you look at all the high ratings Tatuaje has received). One of the overlooked facts about early Tatuajes is that before Pepin and Eduardo Fernandez’s 2010 lawsuit, these cigars included tobacco from Aganorsa farms. As good as many of today’s Tatuaje cigars are, the combination of Aganorsa and Pepin was something really special, even though the subsequent litigation means it probably won’t happen ever again.

Patrick S

photo credit: Stogie Guys

4 Responses to “Cigar Tip: Four All-Time Great Cigars Before They Were Discontinued”

  1. Anders Friday, February 1, 2019 at 10:36 am #

    What is this Aganorsa-Johnson litigation you speak of? A quick Google search didn’t return anything of relevance. Would appreciate a brief summary (or a link), if you don’t mind. Thanks!

  2. Mike Friend Friday, February 1, 2019 at 10:40 am #

    This list is a good start. I’m hoping we can crowd-source and add to it. I’ll start by adding a few discontinued cigars from Isla de Cuba that I supremely enjoyed. They never had the popularity of the cigars you mention above, but they are missed nonetheless. You actually reviewed both of them back in 2008:

    Isla de Cuba Classic

    Isla de Cuba Aged Maduro

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