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The following is intended to clarify the policies and practices of Should you have additional questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact Publisher Patrick Semmens at PatrickS (at)

Reviews Policy

From time to time, will review products created or sold by our advertisers or affiliates. We also accept free samples from manufacturers and retailers in order to provide readers with information on the widest range of cigars and cigar-related products.

Under no circumstances will the acceptance of product samples or advertising revenue influence our honest editorial decisions. We have no intentions to compromise the trust we have built with our loyal reader base.

Comment Policy has an open comment policy. Since comments are instantly posted to the site, we cannot be held liable for their contents.

Like most sites with open comments, uses an automated filter to combat the numerous spam comments posted daily. Occasionally legitimate comments get caught up in this automated filter. If you believe your comment has been erroneously caught by our filter, please feel free to contact us. editors have complete discretion to delete any comments that are off-topic, deemed advertisements or solicitations, or determined by the editors to be inappropriate for any reason.

Link Policy cannot be responsible for the contents of other websites, including sites we link to. We do our best to ensure that links are correct when we publish articles. If you find a link that is broken please feel free to contact us.

Images Policy

Starting November 15th, 2007, has this policy on images.

Last updated: January 19, 2009