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Stogie Reviews: Maria Mancini Magic Mountain

19 May 2006

Before I give my review of the Maria Mancini Magic Mountain, I must confess that long before I smoked this cigar I just knew I would enjoy it. The first box of cigars I ever bought was the Maria Mancini Robusto Larga, and that box lived up to its 90 rating in Cigar Aficionado.

With those high expectations, I pulled this funny-named box-pressed pyramid (6 inches long with a 54 ring guage) out of my humidor. It became instantly clear that this is a good looking cigar. The classic gold band over the dark brown EMS (English Market Selection) wrapper will make this cigar the kind you want to keep in a glass-topped humidor where you can show it off.

The Maria Mancini EMS wrappers are grown from the much-hyped H2000 tobacco seed, which is a cross breed of the Cuban Corojo and Cuban-grown Connecticut Shade wrappers. Reviews for H2000 wrappers are mixed, but I was impressed with the oily wrapper. It had an almost velvet-like quality to the touch, and when lit it provided a slow, even burn.

The cigar had a woody flavor with earthy undertones, and its strength put it solidly in the medium to bold range. There also were hints of toast and nutmeg flavors to round the taste out, making the stogie’s overall flavor very pleasing. The cigar only requires to be ashed every inch or so, and will provide its smoker at least 45 minutes of enjoyment.

The negatives of this cigar were few and far between, but one disappointment was that well before it should have been finished, the draw became too easy and the cigar became difficult to keep lit. Also, I found that the aftertaste lingered a bit too long.

Yet overall this is a very nice smoke. It would be comfortable on either the golf course or after a fancy dinner with a fine spirit. And perhaps most impressive of all, at just over $2 a smoke, the Maria Mancini Magic Mountain gives its splendid performance at a bargain price.

For delivering such quality without breaking the Stogie Guy’s bank, I give the Maria Mancini Magic Mountain an impressive four out of five stogies.

-Patrick S


Drew Estate