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Stogie News: CAO’s Newest Offering

27 Jun 2006

CAO seems to have a knack for marketing. (They also have a knack for making great cigars…In fact, I recently decided that CAO’s Brazilia Line may be my favorite stogie, though to be fair I change my “favorite cigar” almost once a month…but I digress.)

Last year at the RTDA, CAO unveiled the officially licensed Sopranos Cigar which comes in a very cool box that looks like the trunk of an old Cadillac. The CAO Sopranos Edition comes in three cleverly named sizes: ‘Associate’ (5” x 52), ‘Soldier’ (6” x 54), and ‘Boss’ (7” x 56).

And in 2004 CAO unveiled its Italia Line which introduced us to tobacco as another fine export from the country already known for great food and drink. And I’d be surprised if most of our readers haven’t had the Italia’s blue, green, and red box catch their eye next to all the brown and white boxes at your local smoke shop.

Now, just in time for this year’s RTDA, CAO is unveiling yet another line of cigars with another unusual cigar box. CAO Vision is the first CAO stogie made in the Dominican Republic, with tobacco from the DR, Nicaragua, and Brazil.

But regardless of how the cigar is – though I suspect it will be good – the box is the real eye-catcher. Instead of cardboard or cedar, CAO Vision comes in its own specially made humidor that is calibrated to keep CAO’s Dominicans at the optimal 68-70 percent relative humidity. And while it is hard to tell, looking at the video on CAO’s website, it seems like the futuristic box has a blue neon glow.

So in a few months, when CAO Vision hits the shelves, don’t be scared of that blue glow coming from your local cigar shop’s humidor. It’s just the latest unique marketing strategy from CAO.

-Patrick S


3 Responses to “Stogie News: CAO’s Newest Offering”

  1. CAO Cigars Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 9:16 pm #

    Well, you can't knock them for catching on to the "awe" effect of cigar marketing. Gurkha is also really good at this. It's hard to beat the presentation of them and as gifts or for parties you can't go wrong. People LOVE the presentation – and why not? It's a great presentation.

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