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Stogie Restaurant Review: Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

12 Jul 2006

As we note in our ratings system, cigars that receive the impressive score of four out of five stogies should be enjoyed “after a delicious meal or with your favorite cocktail.” And no dish better prepares you for a fine cigar and a cocktail than a good steak dinner.

If you are looking for a great steak dinner for a special occasion, Charlie Palmer Steakhouse located at 101 Constitution Avenue NW (opposite the the National Mall and the Capitol building) may be your best choice in Washington. From decor and location, to presentation and service, Charlie Palmer gets high marks across the board.

As for price, Charlie Palmer is in line with DC’s other fine steakhouses such as Smith & Wollensky’s and Morton’s, so a group of four should expect to spend $100 per person for for a full meal including a moderately-priced bottle of wine from their extensive wine list (of course a more exotic selection from the expansive list could easily run several hundred dollars). But then I did say that a dinner at Charlie Palmer should be reserved for special occasions – or for those with bottomless expense accounts.

Appropriately, the steak was the highlight of the evening, though the oysters and tuna tartar appetizers were also favorites. At my table, two of us shared the Porterhouse for two, while the others tried the Filet Mignon: all were delicious. My only small complaint was that the time between when the Porterhouse was presented to us at the table and when it returned artfully sliced on our plates was too long, meaning that the steak was not as warm as it should have been.

After eating, we decided the only proper way to end the meal was to partake in an after-dinner stogie in Charlie Palmer’s cigar-friendly bar area (though sadly, only until DC’s smoking ban goes into effect January 2007). At the bar the friendly bartender poured me a generously portioned Knob Creek Bourbon on the rocks. And while I brought my own smoke, a flavorful Rock Patel Sun Grown Torpedo, which will be reviewed at a later time, I was pleased to see that they offered their own cigar menu with 20 or so stogies ranging from $9 for a CAO gold to a $25 Padron 1926.

So, in conclusion, if you have something to celebrate, and are looking for a great meal to enjoy as a prelude to a fine stogie, I highly recommend the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse.

-Patrick S


One Response to “Stogie Restaurant Review: Charlie Palmer Steakhouse”

  1. The Stogie Guys Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 4:07 pm #

    I’ve just discovered that Cigar Aficionado reviewed the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse earlier this year.