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Stogie Reviews: CAO Criollo Pato

17 Aug 2006

I received two of these CAO Criollo Patos (4 7/8 inches by 50 ring gauge) in samplers and decided that, after nearly two months of aging, I should give them a try. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

This robusto had a lovely silky brown wrapper, with only a few small veins. It had a firm feel but was not too dense. The understated light brown band matched the wrapper’s color and made it an attractive cigar in the humidor (where bands are typically in bold contrast to the cigars they surround). Adding to this cigar’s uniqueness, and a sign of its high quality construction, was a pigtail on the cap.

Unlit, the stogie had a pleasant cedar aroma. I cut it with my double guillotine and gave it a proper light after toasting the edges, but nothing could prepare me for the ride it was about to give my taste buds.

After starting out with a powerful burst of pepper with hints of licorice, reminiscent of a Partagas Black, the cigar quickly mellowed to reveal creamy toffee flavors. At about the halfway point the flavor shifted again, dropping its sweet edge to become slightly bitter.

Accompanying this new, more bitter flavor was an almost metallic twang that, for some strange reason, reminded me of drinking PBR out of an aluminium can. But even this rare sensation would fade away as the creamy toffee flavors – only this time more muted – returned for the home stretch as I smoked down to the nub.

The cigar produced a very cool smoke and white ash that came off with a gentle tap or two. The light smoke was so sweet it could only offend the most militant anti-smoking activist. After catching a slight uneven burn early, it required very little in the way of touch-ups.

I would not recommend smoking this cigar when you are going to be easily distracted. Its complexity requires one’s complete attention to be properly enjoyed. However, if you have an hour to devote to the CAO Criollo Pato, you will probably find it well worth the time and effort.

For such surprising complexity and solid construction, I give the CAO Criollo Pato a rating of four out of five stogies.

Patrick S


11 Responses to “Stogie Reviews: CAO Criollo Pato”

  1. Anonymous Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 7:58 am #

    Is that PBR a tall boy… or just a 12 ouncer?

  2. Anonymous Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 11:42 am #


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