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Stogie Reviews: Cohiba Siglo V (Cuban)

10 Aug 2006

We have received a number of comments from our wonderful readers inquiring when we planned to post a review of a Cuban cigar. After all, over the past few months, we discussed Oswaldo Payá, analyzed Cuban reform, and even shared a Cigar Aficionado Fidel Castro interview with you. Well, beloved Stogie Guys, inquire no more.

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to partake in a Cohiba Siglo V. Since JFK signed the trade embargo in 1962, of course, Cuban cigars have been illegal in the Land of Liberty. I should therefore point out I was overseas when I purchased and smoked this cigar (cough, cough).

The Siglo V is an expertly constructed 6.69 inches by 43 ring gauge stogie with a beautifully smooth creamy brown wrapper. Placing the foot of this unlit cigar under your nose is like breathing in the subtle perfume of a delicate angel.

I gave the stogie a proper snip with my V-cutter (I didn’t want to unnecessarily squander any delicious tobacco) and patiently toasted the foot with an array of wooden matches. A sweet plethora of notes gradually accumulated.

The first puff yielded a heavenly blend of sophisticated floral notes pleasing to the whole palate. The second and finishing phases of this Cuban witnessed an evolution of complex salty and sour flavors complemented by an ever-present dark chocolate sweetness. Not surprisingly, I have no complaints about the burn or draw.

Now some will argue, perhaps effectively, that Americans are over-fascinated with Cubans simply because they are illegal. While I agree that forbidden goods are always more desirable, I tried to clear my head of such thoughts while writing this review.

Notwithstanding my attempts at inward thought control, I can’t honestly conjure any negative aspect of the cigar and, thus, must wholeheartedly give the Cohiba Siglo V a perfect five out of five stogies.

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-Patrick A


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