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Stogie Tip: Fixing an Uneven Burn

2 Aug 2006

So you’re enjoying a cigar, maybe a bit distracted, and suddenly you notice it has an uneven burn. This happens to everyone, but what’s a Stogie Guy to do?

The following tips should help you fix an uneven burn (also called a canoe), but remember that the best thing to do is to avoid an uneven burn in the first place. A proper light is a good way to start an even burn. Also, in most cases, step one alone will be adequate if you catch an uneven burn soon enough:

First, you can start by rotating the cigar so the slow burning part is at the bottom of the cigar. Because a fire needs oxygen to burn, the bottom of the cigar will burn faster (as it has access to more oxygen) than the top. This is also why you should rotate your cigar as you smoke.

Second, if placing the long end on the bottom doesn’t work, we recommend touching up the fast burning part of the wrapper by applying moisture to the wrapper to slow down the burn. Usually saliva will get the job done, but remember you just want to add a little moisture to the wrapper…you don’t want a wet stogie.

If the aforementioned two techniques don’t work, you should get you lighter or matches back out and burn off the section(s) that’s burning too fast. However, don’t rush to quickly take a puff afterwards: the ash is likely unstable and may fall on you. Wait until the burnt wrapper turns black and then burns off completely.

Finally, once you’ve rid your stogie of the uneven burn, monitor it carefully to avoid further predicaments. Happy smoking!

[Thanks to Tristan and longashes from ClubStogie for the pictures.]

-Patrick S


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