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Stogie Reviews: Padron Delicias Maduro

18 Sep 2006

My bio lists Padron as one of my “dependable favorites,” yet somehow I’ve managed to go five months without reviewing one of these full-flavored cigars. So today I’m reviewing a petit Churchill-sized Padron Delicias Maduro (4 and 7/8 inches by 46 ring gauge).

The wrapper was a bit rough and veiny with a two-tone hue of deep brown with black shadows. Before I lit it, the stogie had a rich earthy aroma with hints of hay.

This smoke started out harsh and then smoothed out, but this is still a very powerful little smoke. While it was most definitely powerful and full-bodied, the flavor remained quite sweet due to the abundance of sugars present in the sun grown maduro wrapper.

The cigar features deep rich earthy flavors with chocolaty tones. Also, as cliche it sounds, there was a slight but distinct saffron flavor present, particularly when smoked through the nose.

And the construction left nothing to be desired: an even burn, an easy draw, and a light gray ash that dropped off an inch at a time.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing cigar, it reminded me why I always consider Padron one of my go-to-brands. Excellent value (available for $3 apiece), dependable construction, and bold flavors earn this cigar three and 1/2 out of five stogies.

Patrick S


3 Responses to “Stogie Reviews: Padron Delicias Maduro”

  1. Anonymous Monday, September 18, 2006 at 9:16 am #

    Nice review, but do either of you plan to check out a 1964 or — better yet — 1926 Padron Anniversary Serie?

  2. Jason Monday, September 18, 2006 at 10:39 am #

    So who won your contest?

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