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Quick Smoke: Gispert Natural Lonsdale

11 Mar 2007

Each Saturday and Sunday we’ll post a Quick Smoke: not quite a full review, just our brief take on a single cigar.

This line, rolled in Honduras, is often cited as good bargain cigar. Cigar Aficionado included Gisperts in a sidebar of bargain smokes that was part of its Best Cigar of the Year package. I’ve smoked several sizes, the most recent being a 6 ½ inch by 44 ring gauge Lonsdale. You can find these for less than $3 each by the box, and only a bit more in a five-pack or individually. I wanted to like them, but my experience has been fairly poor with both the natural and the maduro. They burn poorly, produce little in the way of flavor, and leave a bitter aftertaste. Even at the cut-rate price, I don’t plan to add more to my humidor.

Verdict = Sell.

George E

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2 Responses to “Quick Smoke: Gispert Natural Lonsdale”

  1. Sam Monday, March 12, 2007 at 4:00 am #

    I agree- I received a smapler pack of their natural line for 7.95 and found them to taste lousy and burn poorly with suspect construction. I wound up giving them away

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