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Stogie News: Michigan Mayor to Veto Cigar Courtyard

4 Apr 2007

Apparently, if Bay City Mayor Michael J. Buda had his way, cigar smoking in the Michigan town of 37,000 would be limited to tobacco shops. That’s the message he sent yesterday when he vowed to veto the sale of a small park to a local cigar store.

You see, Timothy Socier – owner of Timothy’s Fine Tobaccos – recently bought a courtyard next to the building that he plans to move his shop to in June. In essence, he envisions an outdoor environment where his customers can relax with a stogie. Sounds like a great idea.

But Mayor Buda (pictured at right in what appears to be some sort of throne) objects, and has promised to try to overturn the sale of the park – even though it was approved by the Bay City Commission by a lopsided vote of seven to one. In short, he doesn’t want the property to turn into a place where a “bunch of people can stand around and smoke cigars.”

What an asshole. The mayor’s power-trip is especially outrageous when you consider that the land otherwise has very little use. Even the city manager has acknowledged that, due to its location between two buildings and lack of infrastructure, there has otherwise been little or no interest in acquiring the parcel.

I, for one, applaud Timothy Socier for his keen entrepreneurship, and I hope his cigar courtyard comes to fruition.

Fortunately, there’s a good chance it will. The Bay City Commission only needs six votes to overturn a mayoral veto, and seven commissioners currently seem to have their heads screwed on right.

Patrick A

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3 Responses to “Stogie News: Michigan Mayor to Veto Cigar Courtyard”

  1. Scotty C Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 5:22 am #

    Nice throne douchebag!

  2. Mac and Nudo Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 5:40 am #

    Did Mayor Buda actually think posing in a throne would make him more popular? If I was a resident of Bay City, I'd be pissed I had to pay for that.

    Good article, by the way. I hope the commission can stand up to the mayor's veto.

  3. George E Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 6:32 am #

    According to the story in the local paper, the cigar shop owner plans to hold a cigar festival after he moves to the new location. The fest, his second, is tentatively scheduled for July 13-14 during the Be Cool Car Show. Everyone in that area shoudl mark their calendar and stop by if they can to show their support.