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Stogie News: Minnesota Passes Statewide Smoking Ban

24 May 2007

Exactly one month ago, I authored an alarming article about the spread of statewide smoking bans, including a breakdown of three states that seemed close to dropping the axe on individual rights: Illinois, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Since then, both the Illinois and Minnesota state legislatures have passed fascist smoking bans, effectively placing business owners and minority smokers under the thumb of the nanny state. Pathetic.

The Illinois ban shouldn’t be news to regular readers. We published a blurb about that in one of our recent Friday Samplers.

But the Minnesota ban is pretty fresh. Governor Tim Pawlenty just signed it into law last week, criminalizing smoking in bars, restaurants, and other workplaces throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes starting October 1.

State Senator Tom Neuville, on the other hand, is one Minnesota politician who seems to have his head screwed on right. On his website, he explains why he voted against the ban:

Private business owners have a property right that government should not take away lightly. I still oppose smoking. But the statewide smoking ban is an overreaction to a problem which is more of a nuisance than public health issue. Adults can choose to enter or avoid a bar or restaurant that allows smoking.

Good points. Too bad Senator Neuville’s sensible assessment of the law didn’t strike a chord with a majority of his colleagues in St. Paul.

So, in one month, two out of three have bitten the dust. Let’s hope New Hampshire – the so-called “Live Free or Die” state – can hold out a little longer.

Patrick A

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3 Responses to “Stogie News: Minnesota Passes Statewide Smoking Ban”

  1. Doug Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 7:55 am #

    Yes I hate the fact that common sense seems to go out the window if they thing they can score a quick point or two with a vote one way or another.

    This article makes me sad…

    because it's all too common.

  2. Lynda Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 8:29 am #

    Eh, Minnesotans have annoying accents anyways. Serves 'em right.

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