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Stogie Reviews: Zino Classic Premium Selection No. 3

31 May 2007

Sometimes, due either to the passage of time or my own sorry excuse for a memory, it’s difficult to remember how a particular cigar came into my possession by the time I get around to lighting it up. This is no such case.

I distinctly remember my girlfriend gifting me a couple Zino Classic Premium Selections because she wanted to help “even things out” on our Archived Reviews Page with a review that begins with a “Z”. Thanks, Melissa.

My favorite vitola in the series is the No. 3, a skinny five and ¾ inch by 38 ring gauge stogie. A lower-end spin-off of the famed company, it sports a simple maroon band that is shaped and decorated in the traditional Davidoff way.

But no cigar enthusiast could mistake the two, even at first glance. Unlike the flawless Davidoff sticks, my Zinos had light brown wrappers that were littered small green splotches, veins, and some uneven bumps (all of which failed to show up on the photo for some reason). Besides, in a nod to my September Commentary, the manufacturer has the decency to write “Classic” across the side of the band and “Premium Selection” on a cellophane sticker.

These soft and spongy cigars are easy to light, even with just one or two wooden matches. After a few easy puffs, I could tell it was going to live up to its billing as an earthy smoke with a smooth, creamy quality.

The Honduran Jamastran and Dominican tobaccos mix to produce a buttery taste with soft notes of toast. Some spice is present, but the exact flavor is indecipherable until smoked through the nose: nutmeg.

It’s interesting to note that the nutmeg spice is much more pronounced in the Robusto-sized No. 6 vitola of the Classic Premium Selection line. If you’re looking for a creamy smoke with a kick, I’d recommend picking one of those up.

In keeping with its loose packing, the draw on this cigar is extremely easy. Maybe too easy. The burn is nice and even, but the gray ash has a knack for falling off at inopportune moments.

Overall, this is a pleasant, mild smoke with decent construction. Id be willing to pick up more if they sold in the $4 range, but these are unfortunately overpriced at around $6 apiece. Nothing to write home about, I give the Zino Classic Premium Selection No. 3 three out of five stogies.

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Patrick A


5 Responses to “Stogie Reviews: Zino Classic Premium Selection No. 3”

  1. BigMike Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 4:55 am #

    Thanks for this. I've heard of these sticks before, but I've never actually seen one — much less a good, honest review.

    I wonder: Are they hard to come by?

  2. Patrick A Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 5:28 am #

    They certainly can be difficult to find. Only a handful of not-so-prevalent online retailers seem to carry them, and B&Ms are hit-or-miss at best.

  3. Girlfriend of Patric Friday, June 1, 2007 at 9:31 am #

    I found these at Old Virginia Tobacco at Seven Corners Shopping Center in Falls Church, VA…the former home of the Home Depot sniper!

    There was this line and the Platinum Selection line to choose from. The Platinum Selection line was priced more like other Davidoffs $$$.

  4. Kevin D. Korenthal Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 1:16 pm #

    AH yes, just had the opportunity to smoke one of these babies. What a great smoke. I received mine in a Thompson Cigar Company, Power of Ten Sampler. This sampler comes with the pledge that 2 additional cigars would be sent to the troops! What a deal.

    The Zino Classic made big smoke from an easy draw and maintained an impeccably even burn throughout the 1 hour smoke time. My pallet is not developed enough yet to give you all the tastes I experienced but it was good all the way down to the nub.

  5. Danielle Hawthorne Friday, June 5, 2009 at 4:11 am #

    Thanks for the honest feed back. My favorite in the line, when time permits, is the No 8. Impeccable construction and tremendous smoke volume with a earthy spice.

    Zino Classic is made with the same vertical control as our Davidoff lines and the oversight of world renowned Master Blender, Henke Kelner. This line is a great value providing premium quality, a consistent smoking experience and pleasure on the palette.

    If anyone needs to know where to find Zino Classic, please feel free to contact our NY flagship store at 800.548.4623 and tell them I sent you.

    Best regards,

    Danielle Hawthorne

    Brand Manager- Davidoff/Zino Classic

    Twitter: ZinoClassic