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Stogie Reviews: Ashton Classic Corona

26 Sep 2007

Ashton Classic CoronaAshtonWhenever someone would ask what kind of cigar I prefer, I used to reply, almost automatically, medium- to full-bodied sticks. Lately, though, I’ve been rethinking my preferences. One conclusion I’ve reached is that what I like depends a great deal on the circumstances.

When I want to simply relax and enjoy a cigar, I find more and more that a high-quality mild stick fits the bill. I appreciate the way the cigar repays my attention.

The Ashton Classic Corona is just that sort of cigar. Like every Ashton I’ve smoked, this stick was immaculate, from the exquisite Connecticut shade wrapper to the smooth, creamy smoke. I paid $7 for the five and ½ inch by 44-ring gauge beauty with Dominican filler and binder. It burned slowly for more than an hour and held a tight ash.

To me, the blend was just about perfect. The flavors mixed finely, some just touching the tongue (as with a citrus), while others would linger a while (the case with nuttiness). Smoking slowly and enjoying a cup of coffee proved just the right touches.

If you smoke several cigars a day, this probably isn’t a good one to light late in your rotation. A clear palate undoubtedly helps enjoy the subtlety of this Ashton.

I think every Ashton reviewed here at has been rated highly; this one is no exception. Overall, I really can’t think of anything I’d change. So, I give it a perfect five out of five stogies.

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-George E


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