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Stogie News: 2007 in Review

27 Dec 2007

Last year, on December 27, we took a look back at our first year of reviews, news, commentaries, and tips. Now, another year older (and dare we say wiser), we again take a look back at the second year of

– On January 3 George kicked off 2007 with a review of the Toraño 1916 Cameroon.

– On January 11 we praised cold weather smokers.

– On January 12 we announced that would be publishing seven days a week.

– On January 22 we reviewed the Dominican Cohiba.

– On January 25 we reminded you to take the time to smoke.

– On February 12 the Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 received a five-stogie rating.

– On February 14 we gave some Valentine’s Day tips.

– On March 7 we disclosed tips for traveling to Cuba.

– On March 13 we announced the Final Four Challenge.

– On March 22 George smoked cheap cigars so you don’t have to.

– On March 29 we reported on cigars for the troops programs.

– On April 5 the Partagas 150 got a five-stogie rating.

– On April 17 we interviewed John Sullivan of JR Cigars for our first Cigar Insider feature.

– On May 10 we suggested you skip the lighter and just use matches.

– On May 21 we looked at some boutique cigars.

– On May 23 we paired up Sam Adams with cigars.

– On June 14 we disclosed our Gold Star Smokes.

– On July 16 we spoke with the manager of the Casa Fuente store in Las Vegas.

– On July 18 we reported on attempts to raise cigar taxes by nearly $10 per cigar.

– On August 16 we checked out the Partagas Serie D No. 4.

– On August 20 we said “Don’t Quit Smoking!

– On August 22 we interviewed former MLB pitcher Luis Tiant.

– On September 5 we looked at the barber pole cigar phenomenon.

– On September 12 we gave away some Arganese cigars.

– On September 17 George issued his special report from Cigar Artisans 2007.

– On October 23 we spoke with American icon Kinky Friedman.

– On October 30 we said you can smoke cigars and run marathons.

– On November 6 we chased down some (non)answers from government bureaucrats.

– On November 8 we lit up an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 2.

– On November 14 we went inside the Big Smoke Las Vegas.

– On November 19 we gave the Montecristo Petit Edmundo a five-stogie rating.

– On November 21 we gave some Thanksgiving cigar suggestions.

– On December 3 we visited Nat Sherman’s new New York location.

-On December 5 we launched the College Football Bowl Contest (still not too late to enter).

-On December 12 we provided some short cigar suggestions for those cold winter nights.

Once again, we’ve had quite a year. Be sure to join us in 2008 for more informative and entertaining articles from the world of cigars.

The Stogie Guys

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