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Stogie Tips: Cigar Gadgets for the Golf Course

2 Sep 2008

For my money, there are few places where cigar smoking is a better accompaniment than on the golf course. I may not be playing scratch golf, but with an excellent cigar and the panoramic views of a nice course it is easy to shake off a bad three-putt.

And entrepreneurs are not oblivious to the fact that golf and cigars go so well together, especially now that the golf course is a rare public place where smoking is largely still welcomed. To cash in on this niche, there are a host of devices on the market that are specifically designed to hold your stogie on the golf course. Over the last few months I’ve played over a dozen rounds with four such devices.

Puff Caddie (left) and Cigar Wedge (right)Heater Holder: I first mentioned the Heater Holder over a year ago and praised the device for its simplicity. The small metal cigar holder attaches to the snaps atop golf bags that are normally designed to secure a rain cover. The basic version sells for $25, but other models are available in silver, sterling silver, and gold for those looking for a little more flash. It also features a chain that attaches to your bag, so that you won’t lose the Heater Holder if you knock it off the snaps. The device is perfect for those who prefer to walk the course, but isn’t as useful if you strap your clubs to the back of a motor cart.

Cigar Wedge: In true gadget form this cigar holder resembles a golf club, only with a V-shaped top that will cradle your cigar. Don’t try and hit a golf ball with the plastic head because it or the wooden shaft will likely shatter, but that’s OK because the $25 Cigar Wedge won’t count against your 14-club limit. If your experience is anything like mine, other players in your foursome will take notice of this gadget, which is kind of the point of gadgets anyway, isn’t it?

Puff Caddie: Like the Cigar Wedge, one end of this device is embedded into the ground while the other metal top provides a stable platform for your cigar to rest on while crushing your drive or lining up your putt. The Puff Caddie is made with a modified actual steel golf shaft with a real grip near the top just below the cigar platform. The steel shaft means it is easy to push into even the firmest tee box. Also, like the Cigar Wedge, it is a sure conversation starter.

Hole in One Cigar Holder: By far the most affordable of the group was the Hole In One, which can be had for under $5. The simple plastic device resembles a golf ball on a tee, only with a hole in the middle for you to place your stogie through. I had to learn the hard way that when placing your cigar in the Hole In One, you should be sure to place the head through, otherwise you’re likely to knock the ash off. Also, don’t bother with the huge ring gauges as I’m not sure that anything larger than 56 could fit. Still, this has all the characteristics of a successful gadget; sure it’s functional, but it also reminds you that it is a gadget designed for the golf course, form and function as it were.

All in all, none of these gadgets are must buys for the average stogie-puffing hacker, and quite frankly, given that the only requirement for a cigar holder for golf is something that will keep your cigar off the chemical-filled grass, two tees will work just as well.

But gadgets are all about flash, and each of the four devices has some in its own way. So if you’re looking for flash (perhaps to distract from your triple-digit golf score) you may want to pick one up.

If you like to walk the course I’d go with the Heater Holder. If your back already aches from teeing up your balls and marking your putts, go with the flashier Puff Caddie or Cigar Wedge. If you’re looking for function at a value, pick up the Hole In One.

Most of all, remember to use your cigar gadget proudly. After all, it’s a great conversation starter. And when you do strike up a conversation about your cigar gadget with a fellow golfing cigar enthusiasist, make sure to tell him that you read about it on

Patrick S

photo credits: Stogie Guys

5 Responses to “Stogie Tips: Cigar Gadgets for the Golf Course”

  1. Donovan Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    Can't forget the Cigar Caddy, or the Cigar Minder. Both are good products, though I prefer the Cigar Caddy.

  2. Rich Monday, October 17, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    Guys, where can I buy the Puff caddie?

    • Patrick Semmens Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

      As you've noticed the link is dead.

      They sent me one over three years ago, but looks like they may have folded up shop. If I recall The Puff Caddie was a little pricey ($125 each).

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