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Stogie Tips: Cigar Gifts for Dad

14 Jun 2010

Few holidays cry out for a cigar-related gift like Father’s Day. Fathers and sons have been enjoying cigars together for virtually as long as cigars have been in existence. After all, it’s hard to beat premium cigars, fine spirits, and good conversation for some quality father-son bonding.

FathersDayNow, I could write numerous articles with recommendations for fine cigars for you to give to your cigar smoking dad, but you’d be better off browsing our Reviews Archive and finding a highly-rated cigar that fits your dad’s taste and your budget. So instead of just a list of cigars, here are a few cigar-related gifts your cigar smoking dad might not be expecting:

Scotch – Many consider Scotch to be a quintessential accompaniment to a fine smoke. There are no shortage of fine scotches out there, but two particularly fine whiskeys I’ve tried lately are from Dalmore. Both tremendously smooth and balanced, the Gran Reserva is extremely old (10-15 years) with citrus, vanilla, and a bit of spice. The even older Dalmore King Alexander 1263 features an exotic blend of complex flavors imparted by whiskey aged in six different types of casks.

Playboy Book of Cigars – Sure, it’s got a few photos of the lovely ladies that Playboy is known for, but there’s a lot more to this book than that. The perfect coffee table book for the father with a cigar den, this book written by veteran cigar journalists Aaron Sigmond (founding editor of Smoke Magazine) and Nick Kolakowski (deputy editor of The Cigar Report) features extensive information about the cigar making process. My favorite parts are the numerous large format photos (by Ian Spanier) of cigars being made in various cigar-making countries.

Fuente Añejos – Like I said, there are plenty of fine cigars out there to give to dad, but in the mind of many cigar aficionados the Añejo by Arturo Fuente will always be connected to Father’s Day. That’s because, along with Christmas, Father’s Day is the only time of the year that the Añejo is released. With a maduro wrapper aged four to six years (including six to eight months in cognac barrels) the Añejo is considered by some to be the finest that Fuente has to offer.

Cigar Rights of America – If dad is a cigar lover, then he should care about his freedom to continue to enjoy cigars. Cigar Rights of America was created to fight for the rights of consumers of premium cigars. So what would be better than to sign your cigar-loving father up for a membership? This sampler of exclusive cigars (including such rare versions of the Fuente Forbidden X, La Aurora 100 Años, Ashton VSG, and Diamond Crown Maximus) comes complete with a one-year membership to CRA.

Patrick S

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2 Responses to “Stogie Tips: Cigar Gifts for Dad”

  1. oceanelect4 Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    i asked the fuente rep if the anejos is comming out for fathers day. he said as far as he knows it still comes out arround thanksgiving only. please let us know if we are wrong. thankyou for your time. tim

  2. SIGnature Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    I never saw this review—thanks guys! Sig