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Stogie Reviews: Augusto Reyes Signature Robusto

10 Nov 2010

This summer marked a rebirth for Augusto Reyes, a respected cigar maker who traces his Dominican tobacco roots back six generations. It was at the industry trade show that he premiered two new lines: Signature and Sixth Generation.

Before these blends were released, Reyes had been on a hiatus following an ill-fated U.S. distribution deal for his Criollo, Epicure, Grand Cru, Nativo, and Maduro cigars. But now he’s looking to bounce back on the American scene to reclaim the fan base he built after launching his own brand.

His strategy includes the Signature series, a four-vitola lineup of Dominican puros that are dressed in beautifully intricate bands of white, green, and gold with decorative ribbons across the foot. They range in price from $6-7 each.

The Robusto (5 x 50) is an attractive cigar. Its velvety wrapper has few veins, an oily sheen, and a well-constructed cap that clips neatly. The pre-light aroma is of molasses and graham cracker.

As innocent as it looks, feels, and smells, the Robusto starts with an unexpected flare of full-bodied spice. The first few puffs are on the verge of being overly harsh and meaty. But beneath the dominant taste of leather and peppercorn is a more nuanced backdrop with a sweet aftertaste.

That nuance comes to the forefront as the profile mellows, clearing the way for a creamier base and traces of honey, nuts, and vanilla. Still, the Signature is a bold, spicy smoke through the second third. Then the finale witnesses a reintroduction of the powerful flavors from the outset.

Several of the Robustos that I sampled for this review burned without incident while others required a fair amount of maintenance. The burn line, it seems, either develops perfectly or meanders to the point of annoyance. Whichever the case, the draw is always moderate and the gray, well-layered ash is always solid.

I wouldn’t say that I’m underwhelmed by the Augusto Reyes Signature Robusto. Occasional harsh and sour notes, however, prevent this cigar’s profile from displaying its full potential. I’ll be interested to see how this young specimen develops with age. For now, it earns three stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

One Response to “Stogie Reviews: Augusto Reyes Signature Robusto”

  1. MindEraser Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 4:38 am #

    Agreed. I've found both of Augusto's new releases to be unimpressive. Hopefully they'll improve with time…he's clearly a cigar talent and is deserving of success in the U.S. market.