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Cigar Review: Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro Corona Gorda

18 Mar 2015

Back in January, I was introduced to Cubanacan—a cigar company with a name that means “where fertile land is abundant”—via the Soneros Habano Claro Corona Gorda. I really enjoyed that cigar, and was therefore eager to try the subject of today’s review: the Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro Corona Gorda. Even with my high expectations, I would not be disappointed.

Soneros1As a reminder, Cubanacan began growing its own tobacco in Nicaragua in 2006, and shortly thereafter established the Tabacalera Cubanacan factory in Estelí. There, six distinct blends are handmade under the supervision of master blender Omar González Alemán: Cubanacan Connecticut, Cubanacan Habano, Cubanacan Maduro, HR Habano 2000, Soneros Maduro, and Soneros Habano Claro.

Like the Soneros Habano Claro, the Maduro also comes in the same five vitolas: Campana, Corona Gorda, Gran Robusto, Petit Sublime, and Toro. The two blends also share the same tobacco makeup—Habano Ecuadorian wrapper, Ecuadorian binder, and Nicaraguan filler. The difference, obviously, is the Habano Maduro is wrapped in a dark Ecuadorian Maduro leaf.

I sampled two Soneros Habano Maduro Corona Gordas (5.625 x 46) for this review, both of which were provided by Cubanacan. They retail for $7.75 and come complete with oily, toothy wrappers, well-executed caps, and rich pre-light notes of dark chocolate and earth. Aside from the wrapper color, it’s easy to tell the Maduro apart from the Claro; the former has a red band, while the latter is black.

As I said in my review of the Habano Claro, I personally love this Corona Gorda size. I would probably choose its dimensions (or some rough approximation thereof) if I were pressed to divulge my favorite cigar format right now. The slender frame is a nice departure from the (regrettable) trend toward thicker smokes, and the length means you have plenty of time to enjoy the flavor—but the whole experience won’t be overstaying its welcome.

Speaking of the experience, the Habano Maduro Corona Gorda starts with a profile that includes coffee, oak, and cream—not dissimilar to the Habano Claro. However, the Maduro quickly differentiates itself with the additions of black cherry and cocoa. I’d characterize the body as medium to medium-full, especially as a hearty does of espresso enters around the midway point. The texture is leathery, and the resting smoke is incredibly sweet. Construction is virtually perfect. Both of my samples exhibited straight burn lines, solid gray ashes, smooth draws with just the right amount of resistance, and above-average smoke production.

A Habano Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper is, at least to me, a different take on the Maduro concept, and one I definitely appreciate. The Soneros Habano Maduro Corona Gorda is another strong effort from Cubanacan, and one that’s worthy of four stogies out of five.

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Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

One Response to “Cigar Review: Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro Corona Gorda”

  1. Thomas Friday, March 20, 2015 at 11:10 am #

    I completely agree with you about the corona gorda size. The flavor intensity of a smaller ring gauge combined with the length of a small toro is ideal. For me, it generally makes for the perfect 90 minute smoke.