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Stogie News: Nazis Finally Beat Churchill

15 Jun 2006

Winston Churchill without a cigar is like a beach without sand, yet the anti-smoking Nazis are taking the cigar out of Churchill’s mouth:

Because of the ban on smoking in public places, Britain’s greatest wartime prime minister will be without his trademark cigar when he is portrayed on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe festival later this year.Mel Smith, the comedian and actor who will play him in a production of Allegiance, a play about a little-known meeting between Churchill and Michael Collins, the Irish revolutionary, could be forced to use a plastic replacement.

Producers believe Churchill’s lit cigar and the cloud of smoke which permanently surrounded him are so integral to his character that they plan to appeal to the Scottish executive for a special dispensation.

And when I say anti-smoking Nazis, I don’t just mean their general fascist tendencies towards government control of people’s private lives. Actually, Hitler’s beliefs about tobacco were nearly identical to that of today’s anti-smoking zealots, and he even advocated for the same public policy measures:

In Nazi Germany, for instance, abstinence from tobacco was a “national socialist duty” (Hitler gave a gold watch to associates who quit the habit, though this didn’t stop them from lighting up in the Berlin bunker once they heard the Fuhrer had committed suicide). Armed with such senior sanction, anti-tobacco activists succeeded in banning smoking from government offices, civic transport, university campuses, rest homes, post offices, many restaurants and bars, hospital grounds, and workplaces. Tobacco taxes were raised, unsupervised cigarette vending machines were banned, and there were calls for a ban on smoking while driving.

Hmmm… that sounds a lot like somewhere I live.

This also sounds an awful lot like that woman who was smoking at the Mayflower Hotel bar, but refused to give her name to the Washington Post reporter because she works on anti-smoking ballot measures.

Fortunately, unlike Hitler, today’s anti-smoking Nazis have democracy and the Constitution to slow down their assault on our personal freedoms, though you get the feeling they wish such obstacles didn’t exist.

In the end one thing is for sure: Somewhere, Churchill is rolling in his grave.

-Patrick S


11 Responses to “Stogie News: Nazis Finally Beat Churchill”

  1. Mike Friday, August 4, 2006 at 11:38 pm #

    Oh dear.. it is getting to such insanity isn’t it?

    I recently saw a poster that stated: Remember Prohibition? It didn’t work.

    That pretty much sums this up. Our freedom of choice is being threatened.. and to compare the anti-smoking litigators to Nazi’s isn’t far off.

  2. Jeff's Garage a Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 8:17 am #

    Patrick – Amen to this. I posted something along these lines at my blog back in April. Copy and paste the link –

  3. Augie754 Friday, October 30, 2009 at 1:39 am #

    I stumbled on this old story which reminded me of this "no smoking" sign I found online. I use it as a sarcastic reminder for my anti smoking friends.

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