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Stogie Reviews: Macanudo Natural Rothschild

16 Jun 2006

Macanudo Natural RothschildAs you may recall from my profile, my palette – which changes with my temperament – allows me to enjoy a wide array of cigars. Last night, I was in the mood for something mild.

So I sat down on my porch to relax with a Macanudo Natural Rothschild. At six and ½ inches with a 42 ring gauge, this light brown Dominican is one of the most gentle-bodied smokes on the market. It sports a woody, almost cedar-like flavor, and the Connecticut wrapper yields an even burn with a long, white ash.

While I was satisfied with this cigar, I must admit it lacked the sort of pleasing character and complexity you will find in other Macanudo lines (i.e., Maduro or Robust).

And despite my mellow disposition, the flavor was still a little too mild for me, especially towards the end of the smoke when the heat from foot overpowered its delicate aroma and taste.

Nonetheless, this subtle cigar has earned my respect. At $5.50 apiece it’s not cheap, but certainly worth a try (if you’re in the right mood).

I would not recommend, however, enjoying this stogie with any strong-flavored adult cocktail. A glass of merlot, for example, is sure to completely drown out its faint flavors.

I give the Macanudo Natural Rothschild three out of five stogies.

-Patrick A


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