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Stogie Guys Friday Sampler LXV

12 Oct 2007

In our ongoing effort to make as entertaining and reader-friendly as possible, each Friday we’ll post a selection of quick cigar news and stogie-related snippets. We call ‘em Friday Samplers. Enjoy.

Cohiba Red Dot1) General Cigar, Inc. reached a settlement yesterday in its protracted legal battle against four companies that were selling unauthorized “yellow band” Cohibas (as opposed to authentic “red dot” Cohibas). The defendants acknowledged trademark infringement and reportedly turned over 10,000 sticks to General “for destruction.” I wonder if they’ll be destroyed in the same manner U.S. Customs destroys Cubans, as reported by former Kennedy Press Secretary Pierre Salinger: “One by one.”

2) Here’s a helpful tip: A handy item to include with your smoking paraphernalia is one of those tiny screwdrivers that comes with eyeglass repair kits. The little head will turn most lighter flame-adjustment screws as well as depress the gas refill nozzle to drain the tank before refilling.

3) Around the Blogs: Cigar Inspector inspects a Punch Black Prince. Keepers of the Flame reviews a Montecristo Serie C. Cigar Monkey smokes a Cusano Cuvee Blanc. Stogie Review tries a Graycliff Blue Label. And Cigar Jack has a cool “Blog Carnival” cooking.

4) Deal of the Week: The World Series Sampler has seven quality cigars for under $30. Included are such top notch smokes as the CAO Italia, Oliva Serie G, Partagas, La Aurora, and Cohiba all in the Robusto size. Grab yours here.

5) Finally, you may have noticed that Monday’s review of the Fuente Hemingway Short Story was sponsored by In the coming months, CigarsDirect will be supplying us with a number of stogies so that we can continue to provide our readers with a wide selection of cigar reviews. (Don’t worry; you’ll still get the same unvarnished truth from us.) But we do encourage you to check out CigarsDirect’s website where they have an excellent selection of stogies, including hard-to-find smokes such as the Fuente Opus X, Casa Fuente, and Anejo lines.

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One Response to “Stogie Guys Friday Sampler LXV”

  1. Jabba Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 11:40 pm #

    re: Cigars direct… I thought their prices on Opus’ were an April fools joke until I realized it was October. I hate retailers that clearly gouge and charge over MSRP.