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Quick Smoke: Alonso Menendez Robusto

20 Dec 2008

Each Saturday and Sunday we’ll post a Quick Smoke: not quite a full review, just our brief take on a single cigar.

Alonso Menendez Robusto

This Brazilian puro rested in my humidor for over two years before I recently fired it up. I remember loving this Robusto (5 x 52) when I had hefty stash—long before Dona Flor changed the band to give it a more colorful appeal—but this last Alonso Menendez performed even better. The delectable mata fina tobacco gives the cigar a taste akin to moist chocolate cake with hints of spice and cream. And time seems to have worked some magic, vastly improving the cigar’s physical properties. Hands down, the Alonso Menendez Robusto is one of the best cigar experiences I’ve had in the past few months.

Verdict = Buy.

Patrick A

photo credit: Stogie Guys

7 Responses to “Quick Smoke: Alonso Menendez Robusto”

  1. CWS Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 7:36 pm #

    Sounds great – my local shop does not carry them. Are they available online?

  2. CWS Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 8:04 am #

    I searched through Google and basically found nothing except for a store in upstate New York called Rocky's Cigars. I emailed them for more info but not sure if these are the same as the review.

  3. Patrick S Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 11:31 am #

    Keep in mind that these may have changed bands since we got these. I seem to recall that they may have re-branded these as "Alonso Menendez by Dona Flor."

    Either way, certainly worth checking out.

  4. interesting monster Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 12:12 pm #

    my interest is piqued as well…a quick google search has produced no real leads. Anyone know how to get some of these babies?

  5. CWS Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 2:30 am #

    I ordered a sampler from Rocky's Cigars – the owner raved about the cigar. Can't wait to try them . . .

  6. CWS Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    I've gone through four of these – absolutely fantastic. Great in the morning with coffee or any time of the day. Will be ordering more. Trying to get the local shop to order some . . .

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