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Stogie Guys Friday Sampler CLXIX

27 Nov 2009

As we have since July 2006, each Friday we’ll post a mixed bag of quick cigar news and other items of interest. We call ‘em Friday Samplers. Enjoy.

Fake Cubans1) Florida officials recently arrested five individuals and seized “millions of dollars” in counterfeit Cubans. The scheme, called “one of the country’s largest, most sophisticated counterfeit cigar operations” by Cigar Aficionado, involved re-labeling and re-packaging cheap smokes to look like Cuban brands.

2) Illinois may have fallen victim to an indoor smoking ban, but that hasn’t stopped some Chicago bar owners from allowing their patrons to fire up cigars and cigarettes. At least one bar, according to the Chicago Tribune, asks customers to contribute to “smoke jug” fund from which fines are paid. Others simply ignore the law outright. Since the Smoke-free Illinois Act went into effect in January 2008, there have been 889 complaints, 42 inspections, and 13 tickets issued.

3) Inside the Industry: All around the country, cigar retailers are hosting Operation Hope events, where participants can purchase a special Montecristo cigar and accessory  set with proceeds going to the Montecristo Relief Organization, which helps victims of natural disasters.

4) Around the Blogs: Stogie Review lights up a Zino Embassy Selection LE Perfecto. Nice Tight Ash fires up an Alec Bradley SCR. Fire Up That Cigar torches a Room 101. Cigar Inspector reviews the Bucanero Don Douglas Cabinet. B and B Cigar Club looks at the Ambos Mundos.

5) Deal of the Week:  Every cigar aficionado should own a proper cigar lighter and few are as nice as Colibri. Fortunately, right now Lighters World is offering free butane with Colibri purchases over $50 and a free Colibri punch cutter with Colibri purchases of $125 or more. Plus, when you enter the discount code “STOGIE15” at checkout, you get 15% off your entire order. Grab yours here.

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