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Stogie Guys Friday Sampler CCVI

10 Sep 2010

As we have since July 2006, each Friday we’ll post a mixed bag of quick cigar news and other items of interest. We call ‘em Friday Samplers. Enjoy.

Charlie Brown (D-Gary)1) In May, when Indiana politicians rejected legislation that would have criminalized smoking in Hoosier State bars, restaurants, and other “public” places for a third time, Chris McCalla of the IPCPR said that “if the issue is raised again…we will be ready once again to defend our rights and the rights of all the state’s citizens and help defeat any such bills.” The time has already come to mount a defense. Anti-tobacco zealots are storming the statehouse with hopes of prompting new statewide regulations. Representative Charlie Brown, a Democrat from Gary who is presumably unrelated to the cartoon strip character, says he is authoring a bill that may ban smoking in cigar bars.

2) A new book, The Cigar Lover’s Compendium, chronicles the history of cigars, offers drink pairings and tips, and lists America’s best tobacconists and lounges. Author Lawrence Dorfman also provides a “Cigar Smoker Hall of Fame” and cigar-related jokes. You can order your own hardcover copy at Amazon.

3) Inside the Industry: The Padrón Family Reserve No. 46 was launched this week at a New York City event. Davidoff is introducing a limited “Special XXVI Edition 2010” Griffin’s cigar (6 x 56) available in boxes of 10 glass tubos for $115.

4) Around the Blogs: Stogie Review reviews the Toraño Single Region. Nice Tight Ash checks out a J. Fuego Origen. Stogie Fresh fires up a PG Gourmet Lonsdale. Smoking Stogie smokes the Guillermo León by La Aurora. Cigar Fan toasts a Saint Luis Rey. A Cigar Smoker torches an HC Habano Colorado.

5) Deal of the Week: Football season brings this unpublicized cigars special from Cuban Crafters. Included are the highly-rated Miami Medina 1959 and J.L. Salazar blends, but our favorite bargain is a box of La Carolinas for just $50.

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