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Stogie Guys Friday Sampler CCXXXI

25 Mar 2011

As we have since July 2006, each Friday we’ll post a mixed bag of quick cigar news and other items of interest. Below is our latest Friday Sampler.

1) China’s Ministry of Health is imposing new, far-reaching smoking regulations on the planet’s most populous country. Starting May 1, smoking will be banned in most public places, including hotels, restaurants, parks, and pedestrian walkways. “Beijing has long said it is determined to tackle the country’s smoking problem but has so far met with little success,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “In fact, the new regulations come months after China missed a Jan. 9 deadline to restrict indoor smoking, set when Beijing signed the World Health Organization’s 2005 Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2006.” It is not yet clear how the Chinese government intends to enforce the law in a country where  previous smoking regulations have gone largely ignored.

2) Tickets for Famous Smoke Shop’s annual Cigar Expo are now on sale. The theme of this year’s event, held August 26-27 in Pennsylvania, is “Cigarnival,” and attendees will be treated to “a carnival-like atmosphere replete with carnival games and performers, all they can eat and drink, plus the world’s leading cigar makers, and plenty of cigars to smoke.” Click here to purchase tickets.

3) Inside the Industry: Padilla is teaming up with Oliva to create a limited edition cigar for Oliva’s Studio Tobac project that is scheduled for an August release.  The next ProCigar, the Santiago-based Dominican cigar festival, will be held on February 19-25 of 2012. Camacho is a releasing a series of limited cigars for select retailers called Super Limitados.

4) Around the Blogs: Smoking Stogie smokes the My Father Edición Limitada 2011. Stogie Review reviews the Man O’ War Puro Authentico. Cigar Fan fires up a La Gloria Cubana Serie N. Nice Tight Ash checks out an Illusione 888 Candela. The Padrón 1964 Principe Maduro is a  top ten cigar over at

5) Deal of the Week: Loyal readers can use the discount code “stogieguys” to subscribe to The Cigar Network magazine at 15% off the cover price. Just enter the code at checkout (seen here).

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One Response to “Stogie Guys Friday Sampler CCXXXI”

  1. Jinby Friday, March 25, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    "Padilla is teaming up with Oliva to create a limited edition cigar for Oliva’s Studio Tobac project that is scheduled for an August release."

    Yeah. Well, we'll see about that. I've heard it twice before.