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Cigar Tip: Xikar VX Cutter Review

21 Nov 2011

I have been a fan of V-cutters and punches since I started smoking cigars. All that talk about making sure your guillotine didn’t slice off too much of the cap and cause the wrapper to unravel made me nervous. At least that was one worry I could eliminate.

Even now that I think I have enough skill to clip the head without inflicting undue damage, I still like the V-cut. It opens up the cigar but maintains its integrity and shape. But I’d never had a good V-cutter. Until recently, the only high-quality one of which I was aware was from the Boston Cigar Cutter Company, and they’re, frankly, too pricey for me.

Enter the VX Cutter from Xikar, listing at about $50 and generally available for $10 less. I have long used and appreciated a regular Xikar cutter. I like its sharp blades, fine action, and the company’s no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. So I took the plunge, selecting the silver VX model.

The first thing I noticed was the heft. After a succession of cheap plastic V-cutters, the Xikar’s metal construction stands out, as does the easy sliding action and the ergonomic design. The blade is extraordinarily thin and sharp. The result is a surgically clean clip through most any size cigar. The indention for the cigar head is ample, working for a ring gauge up to 64, according to Xikar.

The company also notes that the bottom of the cutter is concave and can be used to hold a cigar. I guess that might come in handy at some point, though I’m not really sure when.

I’ve used my cutter on a dozen or so cigars, and it has opened up every one perfectly. So, whether you’re afraid of unraveling your wrappers or just like a V-cut, I highly recommend the Xikar VX.

-George E

photo credit: Stogie Guys

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