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Stogie Guys Friday Sampler No. 326

8 Mar 2013

As we have since July 2006, each Friday we’ll post a mixed bag of quick cigar news and other items of interest. Below is our latest Friday Sampler.

Sindicato1) Sindicato, a new cigar company created “by the retailers for the retailers,” has announced the hiring of Jim Colucci as president and CEO. Colucci is the former executive vice president of sales and marketing for Altadis, and he will oversee the development of Sindicato’s first two blends, which are slated for debut at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show. “Sindicato Cigars was officially launched January 16 when a group of passionate, cigar-loving tobacconists decided to extend their cigar knowledge and experience into making cigar brands,” reads a Sindicato press release. “Their goal is to create a cigar company whose mission is to put the tobacco retailer and its customers first.”

2) Punch Rare Corojo, an Ecuadorian Sumatra-wrapped smoke from General Cigar, is coming back to the market on May 31 with a new Perfecto size (7 x 48) that will retail for $7.39. “Punch Rare Corojo started the trend toward seasonal offerings, and we are pleased to continue the tradition,” said Gus Martinez, director of marketing for Punch. “Between the breadth of frontmarks and the addition of the Perfecto to this year’s lineup, we are confident that Rare Corojo will be the go-to, springtime smoke for cigar lovers across the country.”

3) Inside the Industry: Camacho and Room101 are introducing the new Room101 Namakubi Ecuador. The cigar is billed as “a fusion” between the Namakubi and One Shot One Kill lines (though, curiously, OSOK isn’t mentioned in the marketing materials by name). Available in four sizes (three different perfecto sizes and the small Papi Chulo (4 x 42)) with a total production of just 100,000, the cigars should be arriving in shops now where they will retail for $6-12 each.

4) Event: DC-area cigar fans should strongly consider attending the DC Cigar Tweet Up. The two day event features gatherings at shops all over the Capital area with over twenty cigar makers participating and providing cigars, including the Ortega Serie D Lancero made especially for the 2013 DC Tweet Up. Proceeds benefit two charities.

5) Deal of the Week: Looking for Flor de Las Antillas, Cigar Aficionado‘s “Cigar of the Year”? The Pepin-made classic is on sale at Mike’s Cigars.

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photo credit: Sindicato

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